Glinka CD Release
Inga Fiolia releases Glinka's seldom played piano variations
on her debut CD February 10th 2017
with Naxos Grand Piano Label
in honour of Glinka's 160th anniversary of his death.

Stars of Tomorrow - Revisited
Inga was already twice a guest on Rolando Villazons
ZDF / Arte Stars of Tomorrow.
For the second time as "BEST OF STARS" and
the only pianist.
As a result, she is already familiar to a million-plus audience.

Glinka CD Release Tour
10.02: WDR broadcast "Tonart" at 16:05
11.02: Cologne Steinway Haus 17h / 19:30
14.02: Dusseldorf Steinway Haus 19:30
17.02: Munich Steinway Haus 19:30
01.03: hr2 broadcast "Klassikzeit" at 10:25
01.03: Frankfurt Steinway Haus
07.03: Forum Daun 20h
30.03: Stuttgart Steinway Haus
08.04: Grochwitz castle, Brandenburg 19h
25.04: Altes Pfandhaus Cologne
12.05: Euroregional cultural center St.Johannis Zittau

DVD Stars of Tomorrow - Unitel Classica 2015
Her performance of a selection of
Scriabin Preludes and
Mendelssohn's Piano Concerto No. 1 was released on

Inga' s portrait in renewed german Crescendo Magazine.
I love words that become sound
Inga Fiolia unifies her thoughtful vision with spontaneous interpretations.

Ingas Glinka album has grown to be the second best-selling album of all time (!!)
with reference to the Grand Piano label in Germany!

Inga Fiolia is looking for an experienced Manager to help her expand her international career.